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Love Silences Hatred

Friends, I greet you this Sunday morning with a heavy heart. By now you've had time to digest the events of this past weekend in Charlottesville—do they make TUMS for the soul? We could all use some.

I considered tackling a safer topic this week. I don't like drawing attention to people who march, boldly waving the banner of hatred in broad daylight. I wish ignoring those who spew hatred would make them stop. But I'm afraid that in this particular case of domestic terrorism, silence is tacit agreement, and sadly, bullies are often emboldened by the silence of those who watch safely from the sidelines.

So let me add my voice to those condemning the actions of the alt-right. Their ideals are fundamentally opposed to the Christian faith. And let me, with the same breath, say that we are called to love and forgive our enemies. This is not easy. But if Jesus could beg his Father from the cross to forgive those who were hating and murdering him, then we certainly can do the same. Let the voice of hatred be drowned out by the cacophony of our love.

Jonathan Sprowl

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