Meet our Ministry Teams. We are here to Serve You!

Ephesians 4:11-12
Now these are the gifts Christ gave to the church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers.
Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ

   Founder/Senior Pastor and Kitchen Team Leader-Gary Logoteta           Gary came to know Jesus in 1982. He was an Assoc. Pastor/Youth Pastor/Administrator for 15 years at another local church he helped plant. Gary and Julie planted Crossroads in June of 2008. Gary felt Jesus calling them to start a "New Wineskin" type of church. Gary and Julie have been married since 1977 and they have one son, Nick, and two Grandchildren. Gary retired from the local school district in 2017 to invest more time in the members of Crossroads growth and reaching out to the local community.

  Co-Founder/Children's Ministry/Nursery Team Leader-Julie Logoteta
Julie also came to know Jesus in 1982. Julie was the Children's Church Director at another local church for 13 years. Julie has a very gentle Spirit and is able to care for many women's emotional needs with compassion and understanding. Julie has a passion for the younger children. She loves being a bridge to Jesus for them. 
  Youth Team Leader-John Weidner
John and his wife Rachel minister to the Youth on Friday evenings. John is a welder and metal fabricator by trade. They play games to form a bond between the students and then share a Bible Study that is catered to answer many questions the young people come across in life.
  Youth Team Co-Leader-Rachel Weidner
Rachel is an upper level math Teacher at the Konocti Education Center by day. She teams with her husband John to give our Youth a very healthy and nurturing environment and to help them develop a relationship with Jesus. 
  Transportation Team Leader/Teaching Team-Jim Weidner
Jim is a mechanic by trade. He and Mary have been married for decades and have one son, John. The best way to describe Jim is as a servant. He teaches the children in the younger and upper levels regularly. Jim also serves with the Van Ministry and picks up several people and takes them to and from church on Sunday. Jim is someone you can ask to do anything that is needed and he will do it at a high level.
  Transportation Team/Teaching Team-Mary Weidner 
Mary is a Book Keeper by trade and is married to Jim. She is also a servant and helps out wherever she is asked to. She assists the Teachers on Sunday, in the Nursery or wherever there is a need. Mary also serves with the Van Ministry and picks up several people and takes them to and from church on Sunday. Every church needs servants like Jim and Mary, they are vital!
   Prayer Team Leader-Vonnie Woodard
Vonnie is a very deep, rich and caring person. Jesus gives Vonnie insight into people's needs and pain and has given her the tools to assist them in being set free. Vonnie's Prayer Ministry is essential to the Spiritual health and growth of Crossroads. She leads prayer before the service and leads an Altar Team after the Sunday service. They pray for anybody that has a spiritual need. 
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