Crossroads News for the Week of June 27

A.W. Tozer, “A scared world needs a Fearless church.” 

Crossroads Cafe' will be closed next week
The Crossroads BBQ is next Sunday after the service 
Please keep Terry House in prayer
Please pray for the Christians that are terribly persecuted in Africa 
 Ladies get signed up for your Advance that is August 27-29. Sign up and pay Gary
Join in morning prayer and intercession for the service in the Hebrew's Coffee Lounge at 9am. Lets continue to Petition the Power of God to continue doing Great Things at Crossroads so we can give it away to others.
Pray for opportunities to serve!
Tell someone your story this week!
To be faithful with your Tithes and Offerings at Crossroads there is a box on the back wall.
Proselyting (inviting those that are already attending other churches) NO NO NO!!!!!
Counseling available by appointment Tuesday-Friday


Crossroads Community Church